The Super Patches

Get rid and relieve yourself of those pesky leaks, cracks and gaps! Our Super Patch patches are the ultimate one-size-fits-all cutting edge solution to all the problems you may have in terms of patching things up!

Our Product

The Super Patches

Just as the name entails, SUPER Patch allows you to PATCH any hole, crack, leak and gap problem that you may have! Whether it may be a leaky roof, or a massive crack in a bucket, to a leaking swimming pool! Super Patch works wonders as the permanent fix!

Patch your Troubles Away!

What can it do? What can it patch up?

Virtually anything! 

Our patch works even when the problem is submerged underwater and works in a wide range of temperatures from severe heat to the sheer cold. Our patches are even utilized by pool technicians for its revolutionary and cutting edge capability of patching up cracks, leaks and holes!

Proven and tested on vinyl pools, soft-sided pools, blow-up swimming pools, above-ground or inground swimming pools, and even inflatables! Our Super Patch is thick, strong, and doesn’t leave a mess patch. Above all, it is easy to use! Just peel and stick!

Works Underwater?

You heard that right!
Our revolutionary self-adhesive patches are designed to work even underwater. Forget having to empty and drain out the contents of your swimming pool. With Super Patch, Just peel and stick to the section you need it to be and you can be on your merry way!

Comes in Variety

  • Flexible
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Comes in different colors
    Blue / White / Transparent

Easy to Use

  • Peel and stick
  • Works underwater, no need to empty your pool
  • Can be used on swimming pool floats and inflatables
  • Strong, no mess patch
  • Self adhesive patches

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Our Packs

Select a Pack According to your Preferences!

We have one pack
  • 3 sizes included
  • 1” 2” and 3”
  • Transparent
Another pack
  • 3 patches
  • 150mm x 180mm
  • Transparent

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